Five Year Old Shelf Corporation For $1400.

The Solutions In Acquiring An Aged Shelf Corporation

  • Obtain  Wyoming Shelf Corporations and Aged Corporations that were always in good standing. Never buy a shelf corporation that was dissolved at any time.

  • Buy an aged Wyoming Aged Shelf Corporations for Sale with no Employer Identification Number, no bank account, no registration with DNB, and no established credit. The EIN is free from the IRS.

  • What about the age of the EIN? It doesn’t matter. EIN’s are random numbers. They are not sequential. This means you cannot tell the age of the EIN by the number itself. Don’t pay more for an aged shelf corporation because it has an aged EIN.
  • Establish a new bank account after acquiring the aged shelf corporation. Aged bank accounts don’t matter. When a bank extends you a line of credit, they request the company open a new account with the same bank. For example, your aged shelf corporation established a bank account with Wells Fargo Bank. Later, Bank of America offers you a line of credit and now you open a new account with Bank of America. You should open the account with the new bank where financing is available. An aged bank account doesn’t mean anything at all. Don’t pay more for an aged Wyoming shelf corporation or shelf llc because it has an aged bank account.

  • Obtain a clean aged shelf corporation that’s at least two years old, with no EIN, and no bank account. Companies with no EIN and no bank account cannot do business. This means the seller doesn’t need to worry about back taxes, overdraft bank accounts and other liabilities.

  • Obtain a written statement from the seller that the company is clean from liabilities. The seller should indemnify the buyer if anything goes wrong in terms of back taxes, unpaid liabilities, and the like. Get it in writing.
  • Don’t pay more than a $1000.
  • Free is not free. Certain promoters offer free services for set-up. Set-up is always free. Obtaining a phone number is free. There’s no free lunch. As such, expect to pay sometime down the pike.
  • If it smells funny or wrong, don’t do it. By keeping yourself on the right side of the law, you keep the option of calling the police if you’re ripped off.
  • It’s rare for a Wyoming Aged Shelf Corporations for Sale to receive anything over $100,000 in available financing. Check your expectations.


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